Review: Digit

I started using Digit two week ago. After registered, I received this:


I got Digit’s message friendly and quickly. These message sounds like a good friend or a personal financial officer that reminds me how much money I have. And after few days, it started to transfer my money to a special saving account. And I still have not idea how he calculate this amount.

Unfortunately, I’m not a freelancer, my balance would hardly have change. Looks like Digit sense this and ask me to change this frequency. So I change this daily balance report into weekly by sending “weekly”.


As you can see, Digit analysis our conversation by finding keywords. And this would cause problems if I really want to chat with him. Like I said “stop saving”, Digit sense keyword “stop” and then turn off Digit message. But that’s not what I mean. This mistake prevent me from treating his as a man, it’s still a machine.

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