Review: Mint App

I downloaded Mint two weeks ago. It was dumb at the beginning because all I could do was to provide my online banking information (username, password etc.) and see an empty transaction list.

I didn’t open the app until a week later. I saw a lot more transaction items there. But tons of them were marked uncategorized. It felt boring again because I could have seen the same thing in my online banking page.

It was not until yesterday that I found it interesting. I guess it’s because now I can see more categorized items. Not only does it provide the category info, but it also gives me an overview of my budget. I was shocked at the beginning to see the exact budgets for each category. I soon realized that the number must be generated based on my past.

IMG_3347.PNG                  IMG_3348.PNG


It’s good to see the pattern of how i spend the money. But still, I am not motivated enough to manually categorize those items that are uncategorized. Also, items marked as “Shopping” doesn’t make sense either because it didn’t say anything about what I bought.

Overall, I think Mint is a good app. I would see myself check it at least once a week.

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