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Getting started for symbiosis…

The challenge (copied from the MSR design expo site)

Design a product, service or solution that demonstrates the value and differentiation of the CUI. Your creation should demonstrate the best qualities of a symbiotic human-computer experience which features an interface designed to interpret human language and intent. Of course, language takes many forms – from speech, to text, to gesture, body language, and even thought. Your creation should clearly demonstrate foundational elements the CUI calls upon in order to delight people. It should meet a clear need and be extensible to wider applications. It may be near-term practical or blue sky, but the idea must be innovative, technically feasible, and have a realistic chance of adoption if instantiated. Of course, to deliver an optimal experience, much is implied – from data and identity permissions to cross-app agent and/or bot cooperation and coordination (first and third party); your design should minimally show awareness of these barriers or explore solutions to them.

There is a much longer version of the brief. I’ll be adding some notes on it here soon. Stay tuned.

Our proposal: Warren

In short, we proposed a personal financial officer CUI that makes financial management simple and fun for newly graduated students. It helps track your income and spending and chats with you to make financial decisions based on your cashflow on the go.

The problem is that to many students and freelancers personal financial management is challenging and boring. Many lack skills in this area even though financial literacy is increasingly important as more people become independent workers and need to manage more complex budgeting and cash flow.

The biggest challenge for our team is most likely domain expertise in Fintech.  It’s tough because we need to have more financial management knowledge than we have now. Also security and privacy are two huge issues to consider. It’s hard to get people to talk about their financial management behavior, not to mention convincing people to trust our CUI application enough to use it. On the tech side, we would also need to do research on security standards, even if we use third party APIs that handle security.

Important questions

These are some of the questions for next week’s presentation. I categorized them to help clarify sections of the presentation and provide a rough outline. Also, since these are questions we will continue to research and test, it’s nice to have them written out on this blog as a reminder.

big idea (context)
  • What are we proposing?
  • Why it matters? what is the impact?
clarify idea
  • What is the idea?
  • Why is it a good idea? so what?
  • How would it work?
  • What form?
  • Who would use this
  • Who would this benefit?
  • What does your market look like? 
  • Who else has done this? How are we different?
workshop plan
  • What do you plan to do by the end of the workshop?
  • How will you show your concept, and what will it be?