Design Brainstorm

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  • status: student, freelancer, full time, international
  • level of financial discipline: bad, learning, disciplined
  • lifestyle: where do they spend money
  • how many accounts, credit cards, savings
  • debts
  • income
  • how emotional vs practical
  • life changes: new job, graduating, etc


financial management 101 (pp)

  • key concepts and vocabulary: interests, capital, principle
  • credit card
  • budgeting
  • 401k, IRA
  • emotional vs practical
  • projections into week, months, year


tax: decision tree (jia)

  • what forms
  • what expenses
  • what are important to keep in mind
  • how much to set aside


save money (LR)

  • set goals
  • budgeting based on historical data: system of rules
  • identifying spending patterns 
  • aggregate spending
  • highlight issues: impulse
  • identify lifestyle: foodie, fitness, hobbies, etc. 
  • setting up savings account: 


impulse purchases 

  • coaching emotional -> practical


student loan

  • figure out how to pay off quicker