• mid 30s (M)
  • lives with gf in manhattan with pet
  • international student 
  • was working full time
  • good at managing finances: lives frugally, good financial habits


  • late 20s (F)
  • freelance designer (for $)
  • artist in resident (not for $)
  • credit card debt
  • starting to look for full time work


  • late 20s (F)
  • freelance designer/ITP resident
  • no debt
  • starting to save


  • late 20s (F)
  • installation artist/performer/freelancer (2-3 projects at a time, 3 mo each)
  • “worst person to talk about this stuff” 
  • has a lot of debt: getting nervous talking about this
  • a lot of uncertainties: just planning next 1-2 months (want to plan long term)
  • after graduating: paying off student loan
  • rent/food 


  • 30s (M)
  • graduated 2 yrs ago
  • startup experience
  • trade stocks 
  • lives in Manhattan with pet
  • has multiple accounts: personal (multiple credit cards), business, stocks


Financial management (currently)



Financial goals

Specific to freelancers

Specific to students

Specific to international students