Market research

total market

  • personal financial management app users:  12,816,140 users
  • Mobile Banking, Personal Finance, Personal Investing and Wealth Management. Your request fits under the Personal Finance category which includes: “Digital capabilities for tracking spend and income, along with budgeting.” 
target market
  • critical mass of freelancers
  • graduating students
There is also a broader market of daily money managers, CPAs, bookkeepers, private banks and others (several thousand professionals) that will manage your finances for you if you are so inclined.  The state of Massachusetts will even provide personal bookkeeping services to you if you are elderly and physically are unable on your own.
1. 87% of U.S. adults have a mobile phone.
2. 39% of adults with both mobile phones and bank accounts reported using mobile banking.
3. 22% of all mobile phone owners reported having made a mobile payment in the 12 months prior to the survey


  • mint/intuit
  • 1-2 million active users
  • people complain about bad categorization
  • troops (for Salesforce)
  • robinhood
  • expensify
  • quickbooks
  • freshbooks
  • level
  • acorn
  • goodbudget
  • wally
  • learnvest
  • quicken
  • CashPath Financial
  • Debitize 
  • Milestone
  • YNAB
Best for Individuals:
  • Mint (Lirong, Jia)
Best for Small Businesses: